Video coverage of fleet trucks, tow trucks, law enforcement activity, etc. has been a growing interest over the past couple of years. Technology enhancements has given us the ability to do amazing things in this realm regardless of the requirement or industry.

When you do your web searches looking for such products you may bump into some sites claiming to have 'North America's only 4G LTE streaming video solution’ - Well! ... This is not correct. Although they may have a streaming video solution, you have now found the company that has the only 4G LTE streaming video solution with Wi-Fi offload functionality in North America! - for real!

By combining both LTE and Wi-Fi technologies, we have given customers the ability to choose how they want to view, store and retrieve important video activity for their fleet vehicles and equipment.

Whether for an insurance claim, driver training or statistical information, our captured video is at your fingertips using our web platform and/or PC based client software.

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4G Dash Cams with GPS

  • Cellular Wireless Connection.
  • Connected via 4G LTE (5G cameras coming in 2020).
  • Live-view video feed, even when vehicles are in motion.
  • View live, real time video footage from a PC or mobile device.
  • Onboard DVR. Holds up to 14 days of footage.
  • 1080p HD Video footage (1920x1080 resolution).
  • Automatic Onsite Offloading via Wi-Fi.
  • Integrated GPS Mapping.
  • Multi-cam options. Mount up to 8 cameras per vehicles.
  • Cameras can face driver, front view and rear view.
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Saves Money & Improves Safety

Our GPS Camera systems will increase efficiency by improving billing, driver safety, reduce legal & insurance expenses, and monitor driver productivity.

  • Monitor driver habits and distractions.
  • Improve driver safety.
  • Store and present video evidence to limit legal risk.
  • Improve billing with the ability to record business transactions.
  • Reduce fraudulent activity.

In Vehicle DVR:

This sophisticated, ruggedized and flexible video vehicle camera solution with the ability to simultaneously capture audio and video from as many as 8 cameras in one vehicle. This solution has multiple recording options which include constant recording, recording activated by a jolt or collision as well as recording triggered by a separate source such as doors opening or a PTO being engaged. This solution offers multiple accessories such as a rear view camera monitor for the driver, GPS location mapping and real time, live video monitoring through a cellular data connection.

Dash Camera:

This self-contained video camera mounts on the windshield and records high definition video and audio to a removable memory card. Simply plug the camera into the cigarette lighter port or hardwire the camera to the vehicle and have it power on automatically when the vehicle is started. This camera has multiple options which allow you to constantly record video and/or trigger video recording when a jolt to the vehicle or collision occurs. Optional accessories can be added such as GPS location mapping and an additional camera that can simultaneously record a different camera angle such as the passenger compartment.

Fleet Management Tool that does it all.

DOT Compliant

Produce Mileage by State Reports. AOBRD 395.15 compliant. Produce Hours Of Service Reports from any computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone with internet access. Driver alerts help prevent potential violations. Driver is able to perform and submit Pre/Post Inspection reports electronically. Multiple Rule Set Options.

Fleet Tracking

Skeyewatch Fleet Management solution gives you the power to reduce the expenses that plague business today such as fuel, maintenance and employee overtime while improving driver safety, staff productivity and customer responsiveness.

Electronic Dispatching

Inefficient routes drive up labor costs, reduces your workforce efficiency and leaves your customers feeling unsatisfied. Our Dispatching and Trip Planning solution allows dispatchers to create and send routes to drivers electronically. Using an in-vehicle terminal, smartphone or tablet drivers are able to receive their destination and complete stops with turn by turn navigation. As stops are completed, dispatchers are automatically notified and performance statistics can be measured. Provide a better, more efficient service to your customers while cutting operational costs with the Skeyewatch Dispatching and Trip Planning solution.

Asset Tracking

It is extremely difficult for companies to manage the assets that travel from location to location. These assets are often misused and even lost. The SkyEye GPS Asset Tracking Solution helps control the use of equipment, tracks the location of assets, monitors actual time on the job and eliminates needless waste. In addition, companies can even get discounts on their insurance rates for having GPS tracking devices on their vehicles and assets.

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Money back guarantee within 30 days.

Money back guarantee within 30 days. We know you'll enjoy the benefits of our fleet management products! If it's not everything you thought it would be, then let us know! We got you covered.