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SKEYEWATCH GPS brings it all together!

The Ultimate GPS Solution

This day and age, everyone has heard of GPS and it is everywhere! On our phones, our cars and sometimes the most discrete of devices; There are literally thousands of GPS-enabled products and tracking websites So why are we talking about GPS? Isn’t it all the same?

The short answer is – NO WAY! True, any GPS solution worth his grain of salt will be able to track a vehicle tell you its speed its direction and maybe even some other details. skEYEwatch GPS brings all of the common information that you require bundled with a whole lot more that you never knew you needed until now. We can not only give you the most accurate crumb trail travel history of your vehicles but can show you customized vehicle statuses such as PTO engagement, vehicle accessory statuses as well as engine codes potentially reporting a serious vehicle problem.

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GPS Solutions for ALL Industries!

Trucking, delivery services, ready mix concrete, aggregate/asphalt and more!

GPS Web Tracking & Reporting

skEYEwatch currently works with many industries such as trucking, delivery services, ready mix concrete, aggregate and asphalt to name a few.

For the concrete industry, we have created comprehensive statusing to determine what stage of a job they are on, drum rotation, PTO engagement, water flow meters, etc. Combining this type of information with common dispatch products makes our solution a priceless business tool.

For long haul trucking operations, we have integrated electronic DOT logging within our platform - extending our GPS platform far beyond our competitors.

With everything that's skEYEwatch has incorporated in our GPS platform, we have truly created the single stop application for most industries' GPS fleet needs!

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